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Hydrophobic Filters - Pack of 24

Product code: MSP1003
MGE's Hydrophobic Filters are an important part of our SAM Suction Units, preventing severe equipment malfunctions from occurring. Our filters also have a bacterial retention of 99.9999%, ensuring safety and hygiene for both patient and operator.

What are Hydrophobic Filters?
A Hydrophobic Filter is a small device, fitted internally of a number of our SAM Units. The Hydrophobic Filter is fitted internally, on the pump line and prevents costly pump damage or contamination, in the unlikely event of liquids passing through the collection vessel. Fitted in this way, you will find a Hydrophobic Filter in our SAM 12, SAM 14, SAM 15, SAM 18, SAM 35, SAM 36 and the SAM 420. In terms of our Thoracic SAM Suction Units (the SAM 17T, SAM 17W and the SAM 427), the Hydrophobic Filter is fitted internally on the gauge line, to prevent ingress of foreign material into the gauge. 

How do Hydrophobic Filters work?
Our Hydrophobic Filters have an integrated micro-porous membrane which chemically seals on contact with any liquid, providing total protection against fluid overflows. Once sealed, no liquid can pass through and damage the pump. 

Click Here to View our Hydrophobic Filter Data Sheet - Hydrophobic Filter Data Sheet
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5 StarsReviewer: Peter Jones - Reviewer's location: UK

These are the genuine SAM filters and have their logo on.

Work brilliantly unlike others I've tried.

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